WMAZ Spotlight: Lavender Festival

When you ask people what Arizona is known for, a lot of them will say the Grand Canyon, saguaro cactus and copper. But there is something else catching visitors’ eyes on a rural farm in Concho, Arizona.

“I wanted to get into something new and out of that I thought this would be more relaxing and simplified and all of a sudden it grew into something big,” said Michael Teeple, owner of Red Rock Ranch & Farms.

Teeple envisioned growing organic vegetables on the land he purchased almost 23 years ago, but lavender used for landscaping the property became an unexpected treasure.

“The field test came back and I was told I was growing some of the finest lavender in the world,” Teeple said. “There is only one or two other places in the world that we know at this elevation that is providing what they call super lavender.”

Forty thousand plants later, Teeple’s farm is drawing visitors from all over the world to experience the 12th Annual Lavender Festival during June 18-21 and June 25-28.

“People can come and take pictures, walk the fields and there is a talk each day during the festival,” Teeple said.

The schedule during the two weekends includes learning how to grow lavender, cooking demonstrations and a chance to go into the lavender shop and buy products that can also be found at the online store.

Those products range from lotions, aromatherapy and culinary lavender.

“I think the reason it got so big was because it had an niche in the market because there is a lot of lavender farms around, but not ones providing high quality lavender because of elevation, terrain and really good water we have in this area,” Teeple said.

Visitors will also be introduced to the new vineyards on the property with wine tastings.

For more information on the 2015 Lavender Festival visit www.redrockfarms.com.

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